Stop Looking at the Scale, Start Looking at Biofeedback


When in a dieting phase, it can become all too common to continuously look at the number on the scale. After all, we’re trying to LOSE weight, right?
We base our perception of progress on whether the scale has gone up or down each day.
“Down 1.5lbs….yes! This is totally working!” Next day, “Up 1lb…ahh what is going on, I was doing so great?”
And the emotional roller-coaster continues in this fashion, adding tremendous stress and frustration to the process.
Two points about the scale:
1️⃣ Progress is not linear. We are looking for trends over time, not obsessing over continuous or rapid weight loss.

2️⃣ The scale IS going to fluctuate up and down, day-to-day. Why? Lots of reasons:
-Lots of sodium the day before
-Ate food later than usual yesterday
-No bathroom time yet
-That time of the month
-Inflammation from training
So we know that the fluctuations aren’t actual lbs. of BODY FAT being gained and lost each day. But it’s still hard to untie our emotions from that number on the LCD screen.
So let’s start focusing on other things: biofeedback. What in the world is that?
Biofeedback is our body giving us signals about how it’s functioning. Feedback markers include hunger, energy, sleep quality, sex drive, stress, cravings, fatigue levels.
These things, more so than the scale, tell us what we need to know on a daily and weekly basis so we can adjust and continue making progress during our diet phase.
The best way for you to keep tabs on your biofeedback? Use a journal and track these signals daily using a scale of 1-5 and even short phrases to describe them.
Think about reducing the number of scale measurements you take each week and focus more intently on what your body is telling you.
If we can optimize these different markers (think optimal sleep and lower stress, for example) we have a much better environment for weight loss and ultimate diet success.




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