The “Skills” You Actually Need To Get Better


“I need to work on my toes-to-bar.” “I need to practice my muscle-ups.” “I need to get better at my squat clean.”

We hear the above and more at our gyms daily from athletes eager to improve and master all the “skills” that make up this wonderful world of CrossFit.

While I always encourage getting better at certain movements and think it’s important to have goals in these areas, sometimes we lose focus on WHAT is actually going to move the needle.

We end up painting the car that has no engine. Or try to move our belongings into a new house directly after the foundation is poured.

It just doesn’t work in that way and we have to be patient within the process of getting better.

THESE are the actual skills you need to improve on all the movements that are on your goal list:

1. Endurance

The first 4 on the list, endurance/stamina/strength/flexibility are gained through TRAINING.

The next 4, coordination/agility/balance/accuracy, are nervous system adaptations we get through PRACTICE.

Speed/power are derived from a combination of both training and practice.

If we improve on these skills, we are going to get better at movements (like T2B, pull-ups, etc…) that are on our goals list.

Okay great! So what do we do to make this happen???

CrossFit. Constantly varied, functional movements performed at relatively high intensity.

Come to class 3-4 days per week. Train with intention and purpose. The skills listed above WILL improve with time; consistent repetition and progressions. Training and practice.

Now, are we going to work on certain movements or practice accessory exercises to help along the way? Of course, and I’m always more than happy to prescribe what’s necessary.

But don’t lose sight of the 10 actual skills that we’re looking to improve because these drive everything for us.

How do I know? Because I spent months and months attached to a band in the pull-up rig during workouts when I first started CrossFit.

I practiced negative HSPU’s during WOD’s to build strength and balance.

I did single-double-single-double… jump ropes for the majority of 2014 trying find the coordination needed to get double-unders.

Do CrossFit. Come to class. Stay patient. You’re going to get there!

-Ryan “Green Band” Robertson 🙂

p.s. email me and tell me your top/favorite CrossFit movement and why it makes you happy!



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