If You Can Breathe, You Can Do CrossFit


CrossFit is for you.
It was designed to make your life better. To make it easier to:
✅Get up and down the stairs without pain
✅Play with your children and grandchildren
✅Sit down on the toilet everyday
✅Enjoy feeling strong and independent
And the list can go on and on.
See, CrossFit is everything and CrossFit is nothing. There are no rules that say we have to do this or do that.
It’s simply MOVEMENT. And we as humans were made to move.
Sometimes we focus on reasons we shouldn’t be in motion when the literal, most basic form of movement will make things better!
⁉Sore knee? Come do some presses overhead.
⁉Stressed? Go through a WOD and watch your worries float away and your clarity improve.
⁉Overweight or out of shape? Just walk through that door and let’s move.
There is no pattern that is pre-written and can’t be adjusted to fit YOU.
There are no rules. You are the rule.
CrossFit is a lifestyle, and it’s made for people like you.
If you can breathe, you can do CrossFit.
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