Build Your Support Network


One of the many great things about CrossFit is the support network it provides.⠀
We are literally surrounded every day, in every class, with like-minded people chasing similar goals. How powerful is that?!⠀
Their goals may be slightly different or even have different motives – but the DRIVE and DETERMINATION is there and those two things are contagious.⠀
When we have others around us that are working toward the same things, it provides so many great benefits for us as we’re starting and moving through our fitness journey:⠀
🔑Support – how amazing is it to spend an hour every day with people who actively support what you’re trying to achieve?⠀
🔑Empathy – they’ve been there; they know how it feels. All of them started somewhere.⠀
🔑Accountability – having others counting on you to show up and put in the work – one of the keys to success!⠀
🔑Motivation – we look across from us in the gym and see someone else pushing, struggling, grinding, overcoming, and we get a strong sense of drive that we CAN do this!⠀
This support network can literally make the difference between our success or failure in terms of our health and fitness goals. That’s how truly powerful it is.⠀
Soooo, build it!⠀
Latch onto others, starting today. Share stories, goals, fears; share everything and anything. We never know what one little thing may deeply connect us to someone.⠀
This network, when leveraged to its full potential, can create amazing things for us.⠀
🔥Consistency in the gym⠀
🔥Better habits⠀
🔥Mood and energy increases⠀
🔥Sustainable results⠀
Tell me who your “network” is! Click here and let me know. I’d love to give you some ideas if you’re struggling in this area.
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