What (Actually) Happens In a CrossFit Class


With the CrossFit Games season currently going on, it’s pretty cool to see all the amazing athletes on TV performing and doing amazing things with their bodies. They all seem chiseled; they lift massive amounts of weight and are like machines when going through the workouts.

While impressive to watch, it gives a skewed view of what CrossFit is about. See, these athletes on TV are the top 0.2% (yes that’s a fifth of ONE percent) of all of us. The CrossFit Games is a sport and a competition, so it brings out the top performers who happen to also be very genetically gifted in certain areas.

So let’s separate the CrossFit Games from actual CrossFit. While the movements can be similar, the difficulty of the workouts and appearances of the athletes doesn’t tell the whole story.

What’s CrossFit truly about, then? Simply put, making your life better.

We squat, we press things overhead and we pull things off the floor. We move our bodies in ways they were meant to be moved. We prepare you not to win a competition, but to feel better in LIFE.

When you walk into a CrossFit class at CrossFit Unify Roanoke or Brickhouse CrossFit, what will you see?

Tall, daunting rope climbs, massive tire flips, heavy barbells and weights, and endless amounts of cardio?

Not exactly.

You encounter a group gathering around the whiteboard, with the coach discussing the workout for the day and giving tips, strategies and general modification options. He or she will also give recommendations for intensity and how you should be FEELING during the workout.

We then move to a guided warm-up portion – this could vary widely, from 5 minutes with a PVC pipe or banded mobility all the way to a 25-30min conditioning warm-up.

Next (usually) comes a strength section. Again instructed very closely, we choose a different lift to focus on each day and really dial in the mechanics of the movement.

From here, we set up for a workout (WOD) that ties into the purpose of the day. The coach helps everyone get set, adjusts weights, reps, and movements as needed for ability level, and we start the workout as a group.

This hour, structured in this way, can be super powerful – in fact, our goal is to make it the best hour of your day. It allows you time to focus on yourself; improving your body, mind and spirit. You leave feeling accomplished and ready to tackle life!

If you haven’t experienced a CrossFit Class, put it on your list to make happen. The energy and sense of community is something you simply have to come in and see for yourself.

Email us or click here if you want to pop in to Brickhouse or Unify and check things out – we’d love to have you. The hour could change your life.

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