Workout Finished – What and When Do I Eat?


You finish up your workout, hang out with friends at the gym for 15-30min and then head home. Maybe you stop somewhere on the way, taking care of some errands and whatnot.⠀
Once home, you start to think about dinner. Maybe you’re going to try a new recipe. By the time you finally sit down to eat, it’s 2-3 hours after your workout.
Two things that we can dial in and improve upon in this scenario:
1️⃣Let’s eat or drink something directly after your workout – I’m talking within 10-15min, while you’re hanging out or driving home.⠀
The boring science – you’ve just gone through a tough workout and your body and brain are still in sympathetic aka fight or flight mode. We need to SHIFT back to parasympathetic, or recovery mode as soon as possible.⠀
How does this happen? We shut off cortisol by releasing insulin. We release insulin by eating/drinking, preferably a carbohydrate.⠀
This gets us back into recovery mode right away and is going to reap massive benefits on your overall ability to recover and come back strong day after day.⠀
2️⃣Let’s get a solid meal in within 60-90min of finishing your post-workout snack.⠀
Your nutrient uptake ability is heightened after your workouts, so let’s take advantage of this by TAKING IN NUTRIENTS! This is not a great time to crush a 6-pack of beer or eat junk food, especially if you have body composition, fat loss goals. Use this window to help you!
Does this mean that you need to be perfect and this is a magic window where if you slip up, all gains will be lost and your workout was a waste? NO!
But too many of us are crushing the gym and then not taking care of ourselves outside of the gym. Let’s change that with small steps and start to see big rewards.
💥Solid ideas for right after your workout:
💫1:1 carb to protein
💫Look to protein shakes and carb powders⠀
💫Can use honey if no access to a high-quality carb powder⠀
💫If protein shake has only protein, think about some sweet potato/rice⠀
💥60-90min after ⬆:
💫2:1 carb to protein meal, keep fats light (no chugging olive oil)⠀
💫Nutrient-dense carbs, think veggies, rice, sweet potato, pasta⠀
💫This should be your largest meal of the day most likely!
Struggling with nutrition or just want help dialing things in? Our staff at Brickhouse CrossFit and CrossFit Unify Roanoke is certified and offers one-on-one, personalized nutrition coaching. Reach out and let us know how we can help!



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