The Science of Consistency: Why Keeping Your Fitness Routine Now Pays Off Later

The journey to a healthier lifestyle is not just about the daily grind; it’s a commitment to consistency. As we approach the holiday season, the temptation to take a hiatus from our regular fitness routines can be strong. However, the science behind consistency reveals that maintaining your routine during these times can have long-lasting benefits, both physiologically and psychologically. In this blog post, we’ll explore the why and how of keeping your routine intact, even during the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

Why Fitness Consistency Matters: Consistency is the secret sauce to long-term success in your health and fitness journey. It’s not about perfection but about regular, sustained effort that adds up over time. Here’s why it’s worth the commitment:

  • Muscle Memory: Consistent exercise builds muscle memory, making it easier to bounce back after a brief hiatus. It helps your body adapt and remember the movements, reducing the risk of setbacks.
  • Metabolism Boost: Regular physical activity helps maintain a healthy metabolism. Even during the holiday season, staying active can counteract the effects of indulgent meals and prevent unnecessary weight gain.
  • Mental Health Benefits: Exercise has proven benefits for mental well-being. Consistency in your routine contributes to reduced stress, improved mood, and better overall mental health – crucial during the potentially stressful holiday season.
  • Healthy Habit Formation: The more consistent you are with your routine, the more likely it becomes a habit. Habits are powerful; they shape our daily actions and contribute significantly to our long-term success.

Actionable Tips to Maintain Fitness Consistency During the Holidays:

  1. Schedule Your Workouts:
    • Plan your exercise sessions in advance and treat them as non-negotiable appointments. Schedule them on your calendar just like you would any other important commitment. At Brickhouse we take care of this part for you – you’ve got the accountability of Google calendar syncing, email confirmations and text reminders for your appointments.
  2. Adapt Your Routine:
    • If your usual workout seems daunting during the holidays, consider adapting it. Shorten the duration or increase the intensity to ensure you still get a quality session in. If your normal time slot doesn’t work, ask your coach if there’s an open slot you can temporarily move into.
  3. Accountability Partners:
    • Enlist a workout buddy or an accountability partner. Sharing your fitness goals with someone else increases the likelihood of sticking to them, especially during challenging times. The holiday season, we’re giving out “keys” to fitness that we’d love for you to share with someone you think would benefit from a new fitness routine. It could “unlock” their health and fitness and turn out to be the most amazing gift. Ask a coach for one!
  4. Mindful Movement:
    • Embrace the concept of mindful movement. Even if you can’t follow your usual workout routine, find opportunities for simple exercises, stretches, or short walks to keep your body active. There’s a reason you’re moving. Connect with it and keep it in the front of your mind this holiday season.
  5. Set Realistic Goals:
    • Instead of aiming for perfection, set realistic goals for the holiday season. Focus on consistency rather than intensity. It’s better to maintain a routine at 80% than to skip it altogether. Let us repeat: 80% RIGHT NOW IS BETTER THAN 0% WITH THE HOPE OF RETURNING TO 100% at some time in the future. Remove the “all or nothing” mindset from your day-to-day thoughts.

Remember, the benefits of consistency extend beyond the holiday season. By staying committed to your fitness routine with a personal trainer or coach, you’re not just investing in your present well-being; you’re paving the way for a healthier and more resilient future. Consistency is the gift that keeps on giving, and the holidays are the perfect time to unwrap it. 🎁💪

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