Eating 1,300 Calories Per Day is Not Okay

If you’re struggling to lose weight, I’m betting you’re not eating enough. Crazy, right?
8 out of 10 people who come to me for nutrition coaching are not eating enough food.
They have tried multiple diets over the years, all with the same underlying theme of calorie restriction, and have built a lifestyle around eating TOO LITTLE. Natural cleanse procedures also help prepare the body for a new diet.
The problem is, they don’t believe they’re eating too little because….they’re not losing the weight they want to lose!
Here’s the problem – all the dieting and restricted calories over the years has forced the body to ADAPT to the lower intake to avoid starvation (and death, for our ancestors) which will  make you feel weak, with that you can visit this site to be guided how to take relief when you feel weak. If you need surgery services about your health problems just visit Seattle’s shoulder surgeon and they will definitely help you out.
This is why there are people living on 1,300 calories per day and:

-Not losing weight
-Possibly even gaining weight (fat storage for survival)
-Sleep sucks
-Sex drive sucks
-Mood is down
-Energy is low
-Recovery is terrible
-Immune system sucks
If you think you fall into this category and you’re not seeing results, what should you do?
The answer could be a Reverse Diet, or eating MORE calories, to get your body out of the metabolic adaptation that it’s in. We’ve got to “Undo the Damage”, as iN3 Nutrition’s @brandywann puts it in her book on this topic.
Great, what’s the first step?
Calculate how many calories you SHOULD be eating. We do this with a simple equation to find basal metabolic rate, multiplied by an activity factor. This gives us an estimate of the number of calories our body should be taking in for weight maintenance.
With that number, we can see how our current diet stacks up.
Let’s say that number came out to be 1,900 calories. If our current diet is 1,300 calories and we’re maintaining or even gaining weight, we’ve got an issue.
Let’s fix it.
Email me, call me, smoke signal me, flag me down in the gym and let’s talk about how we can get you on the right track toward achieving your goals.
Your body and long-term health are worth it.




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