What Your Fad Diet(s) Didn’t Tell You


South Beach, Keto, Weight Watchers, Atkins, Paleo, Volumetrics (Fruit/Veggie), Nutrisystem.⠀
And the list goes on.
If you’ve got any history with dieting, chances are you’ve tried (or at least heard of) most of the bigger fad diets.⠀
Why do some people rave about one and find little success with another?
Which ones work?⠀
Why did I gain all the weight back that I lost?⠀
These questions cause so many people frustration that it’s time to clear the air and call these diets what they are – incomplete, broken, unsustainable, with one underlying theme to all of them…⠀
⚠Weight Watchers ➡ Point System ➡ Calorie Deficit⠀
⚠Atkins➡Low Carb ➡ Calorie Deficit⠀
⚠Nutrisystem ➡Portion Control ➡ Calorie Deficit⠀
Each of the fad diets follows this theme of severely cutting calories in one way or another, and the result can be rapid weight loss.⠀
Great, right? Not really.⠀
Yes we need to be in a calorie deficit to actively shed body fat, but severe restriction for extended periods of time can lead to problems with thyroid, hormones and overall metabolism function.
Fast forward 10 years, 6 diets later and we’re eating 1,400 calories wondering why we can’t lose weight.⠀
Fad diets can also be unbalanced, favoring one macronutrient to an extreme and villainizing the other(s). Poor Dr. Atkins.
The end result of all this is…

A lack of sustainability and always reverting to old eating habits.

And the weight comes back.
This is why all the fad diets WORK, and also why they DON’T WORK.

Here’s my F.A.B.S. approach to food and the way things SHOULD be:

Flexibility: a diet that can travel.

Accountability: we are accountable to someone, checking in every week.

Balance: eat all 3 macros in appropriate amounts. There is no “bad” macro!

Sustainability: something we can do long-term and not struggle just to get to the end of.

Lastly, remember your diet should be periodized, meaning you are mixing active periods of fat loss with periods of maintenance.

You can’t just be on a diet forever (think hormones, metabolism, sanity).

Hire a coach. Dig in to the PROCESS. Trust it. This journey shouldn’t just last 6 weeks. Think LIFETIME.

Email me with questions you may have about dieting, fat loss or just nutrition in general. I’d love to hear from you!


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