Stay In Your Lane

“I’m working out 6 days per week, eating great and NOT seeing progress on the scale. What gives?!”

We hear this a lot with both new clients coming to us for weight loss and also at times those who have been with us and have hit a plateau. So what really gives?

Well, to arrive at the answer, let’s back things up and ask a few more questions first…

A. What is your goal? We can have goals that fall into 3 different categories: Performance, Health, or Aesthetics. Weight loss would be an aesthetics goal. PR’ing your marathon time would be a performance goal.

B. Is that stated goal in alignment with your training and nutrition plan? This is where a large number of people run into problems, whether it’s a lack of knowledge or simply misinformation. For example and using the quote from above – 6 days of training and eating “great” is not necessarily the right path for weight loss. It could be, for some. But YOU are not “some”. You are you. And that’s why need a plan that is right for you. That’s where we come in.

C. Taking the first two questions into consideration along with what you’re currently doing, are you exercising and eating based on someone else’s goal? Meaning, are you saying you want weight loss but training like you would for a performance sport? If so, there’s the answer for why you are not seeing results. You’re in someone else’s lane!

We have an issue forming in the exercise (CrossFit) community with the idea that “more is better.” It’s causing some people to do too much, to push their bodies and nervous systems too far, and it ends up leading to a myriad of problems down the road.

We see Games Athletes training 2-3 times and 3-5 hours per day; see their chiseled bodies and think that’s what we have to do in order to look that way. This is correlation but not causation. The truth is they are training for performance. They are training to be great in their sport; to be faster, stronger, and more fit on the leaderboard. They don’t get any points for how they look!

So, let’s stay in our lane and really dive into whether our current plan and actions are aligned with the goals that we have for our health and fitness.

Not sure if you are? That’s where coaches come in. We guide you through the process, expedite your results and help filter the noise that is everywhere these days.
If you’re a Brickhouse Athlete, make sure you talk with us to ensure you’re on the right track. If you’re not a member at our gym, we still offer nutrition coaching that is individualized to YOU and your current training path and goals. Let’s talk. Email us for a free “No Sweat” Intro!

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