How to Get Started The Right Way

Chad wasn’t sure if this was the right time or the right thing for him.

He hadn’t worked out in over 2 years. He has gained 30 pounds since the beginning of the year.

He’s stressed with a busy work and home schedule and he is an emotional eater.

As he sat and talked with a coach during his free intro, the picture began to clarify: he would need to focus on exercise along with cleaning up his poor nutrition habits in order to get out of the hole he dug himself.

But what kind of exercise? When? How often?

What changes to nutrition needed to be made? How would he be held accountable?

The coach listened carefully to Chad and learned about him. What motivates him, what he likes/dislikes, his daily schedule.

He then gave a prescription for Chad to follow, and together they worked on a plan to get started.

Having a coach design a plan to get you from Point A to Point B is the best way to reach your goals. They become your guide toward sustainable health and fitness.

We want a journey that continues for your lifetime; the coach is there to show you the path as you go.

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