How To Be Successful – At Anything!

Typing that title just put a lot of pressure on me to deliver something amazing to you, didn’t it? Whew, okay here we go.

First off, what does it even mean to be successful? Are we talking money, a big job with fancy benefits, an impressive resume, a cute family, nice house…what does the term “successful” actually entail?

In my mind, we all define our OWN success. Not letting others or society in general define you as successful or unsuccessful is the first step.

Next, lay out what you want in your life. The fancy term for that is goals, but I like to simply ask, “What do you want?”. From here, we can build a process to work toward those things.

Here’s where things get sticky – our success is NOT determined by whether or not we achieve our goals and get the things we want. Wait, what? Hear me out…

Success means you put every ounce of your being into that process you created. You wake up every day, think about those things you want and CONSISTENTLY do the little things that will make it happen. I just used the key word in this whole post, and it’s…


Successful people are consistent. They are NOT perfect; they are not ultra-talented, super smart or otherwise gifted. They are consistent in their pursuit of what they want.

So let’s recap – to be successful, in fitness, health, nutrition, family, career, anything – decide what you want, lay out the process for getting what you want, and then be CONSISTENT in working toward it.

That doesn’t mean you aren’t going to have setbacks; otherwise I would have written “You have to be perfect!” What it means is you don’t lose focus on what you want and you push through any setback to keep moving forward.

Hit the link below and tell me what you want. I’d love to hear and am always more than happy to help you lay the groundwork for your process. Let’s go!


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