Faces at Brickhouse: Bryan Burkhalter

Bryan has been absolutely crushing his workouts these last 6 weeks as we have been doing online training away from the gym!

His fitness over the lockdown has increased dramatically through consistency in his exercise and nutrition, and it shows!

Bryan joined Brickhouse last year, and struggled to get in a rhythm. We reached out, stayed in touch and made sure he knew we would help him when he was ready. In 2020 Bryan has brought it! He started by jumping into the 6:30am class and requesting accountability from “The Breakfast Club.” Well, he got it! It was so great to see them lift him up and hold him accountable to coming to the gym.

When we were forced to close the physical location, Bryan was hesitant (as a lot of folks were) that he would lose all his hard-earned progress the last couple months.

But he didn’t. In fact, he’s been training MORE now that we are doing home and outdoor workouts. We’re so proud of him because he’s not only a hard worker, but he understands the value of community and support in a healthy lifestyle. He recently even got his significant other Julie to join the CrossFit world and she’s loving it!

People like Bryan are what make up Brickhouse and he adds value to all of us. Keep putting in the work Bryan!


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