Faces at Brickhouse: Brianna Gunter

Brianna joined Brickhouse last summer; we were excited that husband Nelson finally got her to make the leap!

She was tentative at first and wanted to “test the waters” a bit; we started her with 1-on-1 On Ramp like we do with all new folks and made sure she felt comfortable before starting group classes.

After a few months, she bumped from 3 classes per week to 5 and has seen her fitness level skyrocket. On top of that, she works with Coach Britt 1-on-1 on specific skills like pull-ups and double unders and it has sped up her progress big time!

From a tentative start to being ALL IN on this style of fitness, Brianna brings energy, a warm smile and consistent work ethic to the Brickhouse fam. She also brought a white russian mix of a drink to the annual Christmas party that about knocked us all off our feet 🙂

Brianna, keep up the great work. Your commitment to improve and your attitude inspires the whole community!

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