Bathroom Stuff: Fix Your Digestion and Gut Health

If you’re struggling with digestion and overall gut health, you’re not alone.
With the way our agriculture and food supply systems have been moving, more and more people are being affected to a greater degree.⠀
The application of Round Up to vegetables; the antibiotics and hormones that go into the animals we eat.
These things are going to eventually (if not already) take a toll on our gut biome.
Add to that other lifestyle and diet factors such as overtraining, dehydration, poor fiber intake and the general consumption of super-processed foods, and we’ve got a recipe for an unhappy gut!
Some symptoms that your gut health game needs work:

❗️Inconsistent bowel movements⠀
❗️Thyroid issues⠀
❗️Allergies – both seasonal and food
How Can We Help Things Out?

✅ Food Quality – look for antibiotic/hormone-free meats, organic veggies
✅ Fiber – shoot for 25-35g daily
✅ Water – 1/2 bodyweight + 15oz. for every hour of exercise daily
✅ Food Sensitivity Testing – @everlywell – figure out what foods don’t agree with us
Supplements to Look Into – don’t go in too fast on these, ease into it 😀

✳️ Probiotics – @gardenoflife
✳️ Bone Broth – @kettleandfire⠀
✳️ Collagen Peptides – @vitalproteins ✳️ Fermented foods like sauerkraut
✳️ Support Mucosa – supplement that helps restore GI lining
✳️ Restore (more on this product coming later)
❗️Not big on Kombucha – don’t overdo it here

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